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October 21 2015


An Essential A-to-z On Efficient Local Electrician In Sw20 Products

BASEC is aware of instances in the market where two different cables are both being marketed as 6491B, when they are very different. The two types are H07Z-types according to BS EN 50525-3-41 and H07Z1-types according to BS EN 50525-3-31. If these cables are confused and the wrong cable is installed it could lead to serious faults. This warning also extends to distributors and wholesalers to make sure these cables are marketed correctly, and clearly showing their harmonised codes. Though both cable types are low smoke halogen free, there are two fundamental differences between the cables. H07Z has cross-linked insulation and a rated operating temperature of 90C. H07Z1 has thermoplastic insulation (not cross-linked), and has a lower rated operating temperature of 70C. Dr Jeremy Hodge, chief executive at BASEC explains: Only the H07Z cable type to BS EN 50525-3-41 may be described by the UK cable code 6491B, as set out in the UK annex to the BS EN specification. Although these two cables have similar harmonized codes they have different performance characteristics. For example, if H07Z1 cable were installed in a circuit designed for 90C operation, the insulation could melt and there could be dangerous faults causing short circuit, overheating, and possibly fire. Unfortunately, it could be quite an easy mistake to make if the cable is not correctly labelled in full and a contractor just asks for 6491B. These types of cable are commonly used in commercial and industrial premises where fire, smoke or fumes may be hazardous, as well as in closed systems, on light fittings, and inside appliances, switchgear and control gear particularly where low emissions of smoke and acid gas is required in case of burning. In most cases a 90C cable is specified and used. There may also be a difference in price which might make the incorrect cable seem good value, warned Dr. Hodge.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.ewnews.co.uk/index.php/basec-issues-warning-on-6491b-low-smoke-conduit-wire/

Looking for a good and reliable tradesman nowadays can be a little difficult. No matter if you're after a plumber, a builder or an electrician unless you've got a personal recommendation from someone that you trust you're working blind. It's always worth taking a look at sites such as RatedPeople.com who display feedback from real life customers. The following website has information on electrical inspection & reports in Battersea.

Building your house is not just cost-efficient, you can save money. A self-builder needing a 3 or 4 bedroom home will need a budget of around £150,000. This is very reasonable and definitely worth taking very seriously due to the fact a ready built home of this size will have a selling price of up to £230,000. A self-build is definitely a challenge nevertheless with the appropriate advice and assistance, you don?t need to be bold. Taking up a self-build is just common sense. The govt backed National Self Build Association guarantees an even better access to financial resources, slicing the paperwork of house construction, greater numbers of building contractors employed on behalf of the self-build industry and trying to make extra land readily available for this role as well. The National Self Build Association help portal supports self-building and provides the guidance needed. There's help to obtain lower priced land in and around the uk as well as providing a network of helpful support for all those who take part in the self build scheme. According to NSBA chairman Ted Stevens, there are currently well over 2 million families hoping to self build here and so the quantities are growing all the time. Well-known Television Architecture guru Kevin McCloud recognizes self-build as the way ahead for people hoping to save money on housing whilst giving local construction business the boost needed.

This car was supposed to be my daily driver when I bought it, Sergey reminisces. But, next thing he knew, his attention was directed toward the MR2. I sold the Integra and started to focus on this car a lot more, he says. Being the fourth MR2 chassis in his possession, Sergey had developed specific tastes as to what this one would be likeparticularly, the color. I had all the rare colors before but always wanted a white one. Once I bought a white one I loved the car, he says. But that appeal dissipated instantly just a month after having the car. I went to a huge local car meet and saw four other white MR2s, he says. And just like that the white color had lost its appeal. Given that the white was the original 20-year-old paint, Sergey decided that the time had come to change the color of the car. Unfortunately, the body shop that he took the car to did a terrible job. The coverage on the paint was awful. It had clearcoat drips everywhere and orange peel everywhere. After giving that same body shop a second chance to redo the car and getting the same basic result for the second time, Sergey was fed up and decided that the only way to get the paint to the level that he would be satisfied with, without spending an arm and a leg, would be to do it himself. So he turned to his friend Leo of Great Lakes Autobody, who not only patiently taught Sergey everything from welding to fiberglass to painting, he let him freely use shop space.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.superstreetonline.com/features/impp-1211-1993-toyota-mr2/

September 22 2015


Standards For Selecting Significant Details Of Rated Electrician In Balham

The Department for Energy and Climate Change has begun a public consultation on FITs, due to projected overspend on the scheme and partly because it is required to review subsidy schemes every three years by the European Commission. The scheme allows households to claim money from energy suppliers if they generate their own electricity through renewable sources, most popularly used through solar panels, but also through wind turbines. Under the scheme, households receive a set generation tariff for the electricity they generate, and also an export tariff for any extra units of energy they dont use, currently set at 4.77p per unit of electricity. The department says that should it consider that the scheme is unaffordable following the consultation, it will propose ending generation tariffs to new applicants as soon as legislatively possible, which could be January next year. The consultation document states: This consultation sets out proposals for a fundamental review of the FITs, intended in the short term to control scheme costs effectively. Among the options being considered that could build on or replace FITs are continuing FITs as an export tariff-only scheme, removing the ability of new installations under the scheme to extend their capacity, and capping installations under the scheme to 12,000. Julia Evans, Chief Executive, BSRIA, said: Ministers slashing these subsidies for solar panels is yet another sign that the Governments enthusiasm for green energy is waning. If implemented, such a step would remove virtually all incentive for home owners to install the panels and could mean the end of Britains solar power boom. In recent weeks, government has scrapped subsidies for onshore wind and commercial solar the two cheapest forms of clean energy, slashed the energy efficiency budget, abolished rules on zero carbon housing, lowered taxes on polluting firms and introduced a tax on clean energy and closed the 540m Green Deal, along with energy-saving materials being singled out as no longer qualifying for reduced-rate VAT. The government is giving me little confidence that it is taking the carbon reduction agenda seriously. FIT payments on domestic solar panels will also be cut by 192 a year for the typical household, according to calculations. Related Post

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.electricaltrademagazine.co.uk/bsria-disappointed-with-feed-in-tariffs-next-in-line-for-government-axe/

What?s the big deal with constructing our very own homes? Is it less costly to do it? So what problems should somebody new to the self-build market need to look out for?. When planning your new house make sure that you fit properly tested and approved fire doors. Although more expensive than a normal interior door, such doors offer a minimum of 30 minutes protection against the ingress of smoke, flames or fumes, thus giving you and your family the opportunity to escape from the burning property. You will find a massive range of fire doors and fire door accessories on this web site. According to the government housing minister, people defer heading down the self-build road on account that they seriously feel they don?t have adequate funds should reconsider. Constructing your home is not only cost effective, you will save money. A self-builder wanting a three to four bedroom home will need a spending budget of around £150,000. This is extremely plausible and definitely worth taking seriously for the reason that a ready built home of this size will currently have a sale price of about £230,000. A self-build may be a challenge however with the correct advice and help, you don?t need to be bold. Undertaking a self-build is sensible. Finding a good and reliable tradesman nowadays can be pretty difficult. No matter if you're after a builder, plumber or electrician unless you have a personal recommendation from someone that you trust you're working in the dark. It's always worth looking at sites such as RatedPeople.com who display feedback from actual customers. The following website has information on garage and garden electrics in Balham. The govt endorsed National Self Build Association promises an even better access to financial resources, cutting the red tape of home building, greater levels of building firms at work on behalf of the self-build industry and hoping to make extra land accessible for this function as well.

August 07 2015


Focus In On House Relocation Tips

Whatever you are taking with you, this should be placed on a list. Decide what you don't want to take along and make plans for discarding, selling or donating these items. Before you move, you need to do the necessary repairs on your old home, and to do so, you should make a list of things that must be done. One of your biggest decisions will be whether or not you need to hire movers to help you with your move. If you feel that you have the time and capability, you can save quite a bit of money by conducting a DIY move. This will usually involve renting a truck. In some cases you may want to go with a smaller moving truck and ship some items on their own. Keep in mind that many states require special licenses for larger trucks. One of the ways you can know if you're dealing with a good rental company is by how much they help you with vehicle selection. If you take care of the house relocation by yourself you'll have to carry a large portion of the responsibility as well. A new house isn't the only thing you'll need if you plan to move somewhere else. It's also wise to take action and ensure that you have any vital services set up before you get there. If you have kids, for example, make sure you do plenty of research on local schools. This might have an impact on the neighborhood in which you end up choosing to live in.

If you don't want to lose specific items like valuable jewelry, documents, or heirlooms, you need to do something different with them. What you really should do is simply bring it with you and personally guard it. It shouldn't be with everything else that you're packing. Losing track of all of your valuable merchandise is something you want to avoid at all costs. Make sure to acquire any important documents that you might wish to take along with you. This embraces the medical records of each of your family members. This also embraces dental records and any from your vet, if you have a pet. Of course you can ask for medical records at a later time however it's smarter to have copies of them, perchance you have an emergency. The same holds true, when it comes to school records. If your child will be attending a new school in a different location, ask the old school if they can send the records at their earliest convenience.

exceptional House Relocation Tips - Ones That Work

A simple example of this would be forgetting to turn on the electricity before you arrive, or not having phone service set up so you can make some outgoing calls. Relocating, however, doesn't have to be traumatic, especially when you keep the following tips in mind. The further in advance you plan your relocation, the more smoothly everything will go. When last-minute decisions are made, typically things go wrong, which is why planning in advance is recommended. It is recommended that you start planning at least two months in advance before you move, especially if you are hiring a moving company. Whatever you are taking with you needs to be written out on a list. If there is anything that you really don't want, give it away, or sell it before you take the time to move it. It's important that you complete essential tasks, such as repairing or cleaning up your current residence before moving to the next one. It is up to you whether or not you go with a moving company or do the move all on your own. Do it yourself house relocations are the most economical in most situations where the move is simple. Renting a truck is generally a necessary step. In some cases you may want to go with a smaller moving truck and ship some items on their own. Make sure you don't rent anything for which you have no license to drive. One of the ways you can know if you're dealing with a good rental company is by how much they help you with vehicle selection.


Some Help For Those People Planning Their First Trip Abroad

Trying to find travel deals? Don't book the very first package you find! Some package deals will save you money but there's also some that will end up more expensive than if you were to take some time and book everything individually. In these circumstances Google is definitely your friend. Perform some online searches to check before you buy!. Also bear in mind that booking individual elements gives you much greater flexibility such as staying an extra day or splitting your visit between two different locations.

Be sure you plan out your travelling ahead of time by checking the weather statistics. You don't want to travel on a vacation to somewhere where the weather is not favorable for example the rainy / monsoon season. Remember that the nearer you get to the North or South pole, the more extreme are the seasons and of course, summer in Europe is winter in Australia or New Zealand and vice versa. Choosing what season to explore a city is crucial to appreciating the true experience that particular city or country has to offer.

Try to schedule layovers that are at least two hours. While direct or nonstop flights will likely be your first choice, you might find that a layover is inevitable. By scheduling an extended layover, you will likely add to your travel time, but you will also be less likely to miss your following flight if there is a delay. Hold-ups aren't just the result of late flights, there are frequently extremely long hold-ups trying to get through customs, particularly on flights into the United States from Europe.

Know your destination airport's three digit code e.g. YVR (Vancouver). LHR (London Heathrow, CDG (Paris, Charles de Gaulle) etc. Your baggage will be labelled with tags which have this code on it, and that determines where your bags will be sent. If you know your destination code, you can ensure that your bags are labelled correctly. Knowing your IATA code will hopefully prevent you waiting patiently at the luggage carousel at Naples, Florida whilst your luggage is waiting for you in Naples, Italy.

Leave an in depth copy of the itinerary with a family member or close friend. This will allow anyone to know where you are supposed to be and when, so that if something goes wrong, they will be able to get you the help that you might be needing.
Pack your toiletries in a Zip-lock bag. You will need to do this to get clearance through airport security and it is sure to help you save some space inside your luggage as well. It will take up less room than the typical toiletry bag and it will help avoid a mess within your luggage if anything was to spill during the journey.

When vacationing with young children, be sure to set new rules. Your children need to understand that whilst they are allowed a degree of 'freedom' whilst in their own home, this is not the situation when they are in an unfamiliar place. Ideally, one "grown-up" needs to be keeping an eye on a couple of children at all times.

Watch out for high mobile phone charges when travelling overseas. Mobile phones are usually the most expensive way to contact someone back home when you are abroad. E-mail or Skype would be the cheapest options, but when you prefer to use a telephone, purchasing a phone card and taking advantage of a local payphone may also be relatively cheap.

Whether it's for a family holiday or a business trip, travelling can be a total nightmare. Both your national and international travel plans are subject to a host of problems and disasters from the moment you book expensive hotels to the time you arrive safely back home again. Thankfully, should you follow some of the help in these tips, you can save both time and money and make your trip less stressful and much more enjoyable.

July 27 2015


What Causes Anxiety?

Anxiety may take a lot from you, both emotionally and physically. On top of visiting a physician, you should have an organized plan in place. Without organization, coping with your anxiety will become sporadic and unhealthy. You must be organized when coping and with your anxiety attacks.

Breathing exercises can help more than everything to help diffuse feelings of anxiety. Learning a few exercises provides you with something helpful to do when you start feeling overwhelmed. It may be helpful to just breathe for a few minutes after which, you will feel calm enough to go on.

Avoid leaning on alcohol or drugs to treat nervousness, as this is only going to lead to other issues. Anxiety ought to be treated professionally, or dealt with in a manner conducive to your well being. In addition, relying on substances to get over anxiety may cause you to become addicted and even worsen your anxiety.

Make here we are at practicing some relaxation techniques. There are numerous techniques that you could work into your schedule too. Relaxation techniques like progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness meditation, and some deep breathing may reduce your anxiety symptoms, and help you feel more enjoyable so you can possess a better emotional well-being.

Learn to say no. Overextending yourself can quickly drain your reserves and then leave your mind racing while you try to meet your commitments. Your refusal to put more on your plate than you can handle may cause disappointment for somebody, but your mental health insurance and well-being are most important.

Anxiety is damaging for your health and your regular health routine should always include methods to reduce your daily dose of anxious feelings. Put aside a few minutes each day that can be used to take care of your own well-being. The focus of this time should be doing something that gives you joy.

Regulate your sleep schedule. Are you getting enough sleep? Too much? Many people don't realize the importance of sleep towards the way that they function. Sleep is the body's opportunity to recharge, energize and cope with your emotions. If you are getting an excessive amount of sleep, set an alarm and make yourself wake up. If you are not getting enough sleep, try talking to your doctor about choices for sleep medication.

Staying active with exercise of some type will help to burn off energy that the body would used to feed nervousness. Get out for any walk, take a swim or take up aerobics or yoga for positive physical activity. Anything that will feel good as you get it done and burn energy is going to help alleviate nervousness.

Limit caffeine and other stimulants. Too much caffeine in a healthy person's diet can induce feelings of anxiety, so in somebody that is already struggling with this disorder, it can have disastrous effects. Caffeine and other stimulants enhance alertness by blocking certain chemicals in the brain, and in individuals predisposed to anxiety, may cause increased heart rate, sweating palms, tinnitus, and even panic attacks.

If you have an anxiety problem, then you definitely should cut down on sugar and caffeine. Sometimes these things can make you feel even more nervous than usual. If you must have caffeine or sugar, then a minimum of cut back. Your diet plays a vital role in the way you react to anxiety.

Help others whenever you have a chance. If you see someone that needs help, ask them. You may also locate an opportunity to help out family and friends simply by asking them if they need anything. This can keep your mind from anxiety and can help you feel better about yourself.

Keep a log or perhaps a journal to try to figure out what your triggers are. Once you have the triggers mapped out, you'll have a better concept of what you can do to lessen the anxiety that you simply feel within the different situations. Each situation may require a different management technique.

When the news is adding to your anxiety, just turn it off. There is no reason to cause yourself unneeded anxiety with issues you may not be able to perform anything about. Just breathe deep and be worried about making your personal life as positive as you can!

When you wake up in the morning, have a multivitamin to help reduce your stress level because the day wears on. Multivitamins have a lot of valuable nutrients that can help to create a balance within your body and transport the necessary minerals to the areas that require it the most.

To overcome any situation in which anxiety rears its head in a seemingly debilitating manner, do your best to characterize the problem you are facing as something far more positive than you ordinarily might. By viewing a stressful situation like a valuable chance to gain personal strength, you'll find it much easier to handle of computer would ordinarily have been.

Staying away from alcohol, foods and drinks which contain caffeine, might be wise should you suffer anxiety. These two items contain ingredients that can trigger and make anxiety much worse. Try drinking more water, instead and check out out decaffeinated versions of your favorite beverages, such as, coffee.

When you are having an anxiety attack, it is a wise decision to splash your face with cold water. Many people have heard this, but they may not do it because they believe that it is not going to really help them. Actually, it causes what is known as a dive reflex, and it sends a note to your brain to inform your body to slow down.

One of the ways that you can feel better during the day and help reduce anxiety would be to stretch the moment that you wake up. This can help limit any stress on your body when you attend work or school and may help generate the relaxation of all your muscles.

Consider your diet plan when dealing with anxiety. A diet that is high is sugar and unrefined carbohydrates can contribute to feelings of anxiety. It takes place because when you eat sugary foods, your blood sugar raises first. Then, you have a blood sugar levels drop that may leave you feeling weak, anxious and craving more sugar, which only exacerbates the problem.

Reduce anxiety in your life by starting a garden. Gardening has many health benefits, but one of the best benefits may be the reduction of personal stress. Gardening connects you using the bigger cycle of life, and can quickly put your anxiety in perspective. It's hard to focus on stress when you're helping the pretty flowers grow.

Go out on an adventure, you deserve it. Whenever you create a memorable experience that you could reflect back upon, you feel that much less anxious. This is because, you realize that life is, and can be good, and it doesn't have to be filled with anxiety every waking minute.

Head outdoors for one of the best free therapies readily available for treating depression and anxiety. The sun is really a necessary part of any strategy to anxiety. It supplies the body with Vitamin D and also has a positive influence on your brain. Many people become depressed in the winter without the sun, so whenever possible, get outside and enjoy some free therapy.

When you're creating meals, try your best to incorporate as numerous vegetables as you possibly can. If you are having meat, give a carrot or pea dish to enhance your meal. These vegetables are perfect as they provide you with natural vitamins that are great for improving your mood during the day.

Have you considered a life coach for the anxiety? Lots of people have anxiety in certain form or another, as they worry about the future and what it holds. An existence coach can help you to make plans, encourage you to do stuff that will help you towards those goals, and also give you the skills that you need to deal with challenges and setbacks as they arise.

Do not concern yourself alone. Whenever your worrisome thoughts go unchecked, they are able to easily spiral into terrible doomsday scenarios unnecessarily. Call a buddy or supportive loved one, and run your fears past them. They are able to probably provide you with some reassurance and perspective on which is troubling you, keeping your fears in check.

Count the number of breaths you're taking. By simply concentrating on your breathing and counting, you're often able to drown out all the anxiety-producing thoughts that are running rampant inside your brain. Although this is not a permanent solution, it can benefit you function and get through a difficult moment.

Make sure that you have a good quantity of protein because the day wears on, if you want to feel your very best emotionally. Protein helps you to feel strong mentally, which eliminates that haggard feeling that you simply sometimes get, late in the day at work or school. Incorporate foods with protein, if you wish to feel more energetic and comfy and less consumed with stress.

Preparing in advance is a great method to reduce stress on a daily basis. Rather than waiting until the last minute for projects at the office or school, start in advance to eliminate any hassle whenever you face crunch time. This will help to put you in the best position to keep a positive mindset.

Always make it a point to focus on the positive stuff that are happening in your life, no matter how big or small it may be. Positive thoughts drown the negative ones and the more positive thoughts you've, the smaller the problems in your life, will appear to you.

The next time you feel like you are going to have a panic attack, take a deep breath and check out one of the stress management techniques out of this article. It's also wise to look for a long term solution, such as, therapy or finding a job that does not cause you just as much stress.

Anxiety doesn't have to bug you night and day anymore, you may be yourself again and concentrate on more essential things in life instead of controlling your anxiety. You now have the knowledge to eliminate anxiety in your life, just stay strong and apply what you've learned today and the anxiety will leave, but only if you want it to.

May 18 2015


Some Tips On How To Cope With Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety can take a lot out of you, both emotionally and physically. On top of visiting a physician, you should have an organized plan in place. Without organization, coping with your anxiety will become sporadic and unhealthy. You must be organized when coping and dealing with your panic attacks.

If you suffer from anxiety, have a journal of positive thoughts. Before you go to bed every night, write down all the good things that happened for you that day. Your list will be longer than you'd expect and thinking about the positive before you go to sleep can help you relax.

One way to cope with anxiety is to just breathe! By concentrating on your breathing and taking slow, even breaths is among the easiest ways to relax. Start by counting to 5 as you inhale, then exhale for the similar amount of time. You'll begin to feel calmer, and you will buy yourself some time to cope with a difficult situation.

Never underestimate the strength of taking a deep breath slowly, when you are coping with anxiety. It may even help to think of a funny situation that you have experienced, and laugh about it. Laughter releases endorphins than can help banish anxiety, and distract the mind from the stressful situation that you're dealing with.

Find a hobby. When your mind is idle, it is free to worry. Instead of sitting and dwelling on whatever is causing you to anxious, find something you enjoy doing to serve as a distraction. Without having a hobby already, start looking for one. Whether you start knitting, constructing model cars, or restoring old furniture, you give your mind something to focus on besides the fear. As a bonus, having a hobby that you enjoy can help to eliminate your stress levels throughout.

Anxiety is damaging to your health and your family health routine should always include ways to reduce your daily dose of anxious feelings. Put aside a few minutes every day that can be used to take care of your own well-being. The focus of this time should be doing something that gives you joy.

Reward yourself, if you do things that have a positive impact on your life, in your work or another person's life. Giving yourself the correct acknowledgement for minor accomplishments will result in greater success in your lifetime. When you begin to see the positives with regards to you, you begin to decrease the negatives.

Staying active with exercise of some type will help to burn off energy that your body would used to feed nervousness. Get out for any walk, have a swim or take up aerobics or yoga for positive exercise. Anything that will feel great as you do it and burn energy is going to help alleviate your anxiety.

Begin your day with a few minutes of positive affirmations. Tell yourself the way you want your day to go. Make sure you are using cheerful and motivating words when employing this method.

This can help your day go much better, which can minimize your anxiety throughout the entire day.

You should start living through the motto that "good enough is nice enough" when you are coping with anxiety. Should you continue to try to shoot for perfection, you will put more undue force on yourself at any given time when you are already overloaded. Perform the best you are able to at whatever you are doing, and become proud of what you can accomplish.

Go ahead and spend some money on yourself, if you can afford it. Giving things you want just like a new footwear or some nice cool sunglasses can get your mind off of anxiety. Whenever you buy things you prefer, then it helps you to forget about anxiety in general and just enjoy life.

Have a log or a journal to try to figure out what your triggers are. Once you have the triggers mapped out, you'll have a better concept of what you can do to lessen the anxiety that you feel within the different situations. Each situation may require a different management technique.

If you discover that watching tv causes your anxiety levels to go up, then turn it off. Limit how long that you watch television, and do something more productive instead. Try cleaning the house, exercising, spending time with friends, or reading a good book. Television time ought to be limited. Never watch anything that causes you to stress out immediately upon watching.

Breathing techniques are among the best ways that you could reduce all physical stress that triggers anxiety as the day wears on. Take very long, deep breaths during the day to let your body acquire the oxygen it needs to function properly. Participating in this breathing pattern helps stabilize mood and reduces tension.

To overcome any situation by which anxiety rears its head in a seemingly debilitating manner, do your best to characterize the problem you are facing as something far more positive than you ordinarily might. By viewing a stressful situation like a valuable opportunity to gain personal strength, you will find it far easier to handle than it would as a rule have been.

Staying away from alcohol, foods and drinks which contain caffeine, might be wise should you suffer anxiety. Both of these items contain ingredients that can set off and make anxiety much worse. Try drinking more water, instead and try out decaffeinated versions of the favorite beverages, such as, coffee.

If you're having concern with one particular thing, ask a friend to exaggerate the problem to epic proportions. Even though this may seem counter productive, after a few times during the making up crazy stories about what may happen, it begins to sound really silly to anybody who is listening to it.

You will go a long way toward reducing your anxiety if you learn to accept things as they are. Realize that you cannot control all things in life, and often things will not live up to your expectations. Look at the situation objectively, and understand that matters are not really as bad when you are making them out to be.

Consider your diet when dealing with anxiety. A diet that is high is sugar and unrefined carbohydrates can bring about feelings of anxiety. It takes place because by consuming sugary foods, your blood sugar levels raises first. Then, you experience a blood sugar drop that can leave you feeling weak, anxious and craving more sugar, which only exacerbates the issue.

Starting a gratitude journal will go a long way in assisting you cope with your anxiety. Write down things you are thankful for each day, and elaborate around you can. This provides you things to refer back to when you are dealing with your anxiety. A journal can certainly help you focus on what is most important over these times.

Find a visual or aural anchor that makes you feel calm or relaxed. Try to choose something abundant and ever-present, for example clouds or water. When you feel anxious, look to the sky or play a calming track of flowing water on an music player. These anchors can give you a focal point whenever you feel anxious and head off a full-blown panic attack.

Always keep your promises to yourself, as well as, to others. Anxiety can come on from feelings of inadequacy since you make offers to yourself varieties that you fear you can't live up to. Should you promise your vacation, for instance, do not let fear and doubt about going, cause you to break another promise to yourself. This can only lead to more anxiety.

Make the effort to find a support group for sufferers of anxiety. With others around who share your fears and doubts, you can start to relieve nervousness by sharing your negativity and allow room for positive emotions in the future into play. Support groups offer you a chance to help others too, which you can feel better about.

If you are through an anxiety attack or experiencing high anxiety, try using breathing strategies to work yourself into a better frame of mind. This can provide a path that will deliver you away from your anxiety. Take measured and consistent breaths and focus your attention around the breathing before the anxiety subsides.

Avoid watching TV programs that create you anxiety. For some people, watching this news can bring on an anxiety attack. Due to the fact there are many negative things this news covers. Whether it causes you stress, then power it down, and watch another thing that makes you happy, and anxiety free.

If you feel that you are constantly thinking about the issues or problems that you have throughout the day, speak with a professional. Talking about your problems with someone else can help you get them out in the open so that they aren't bottled up and causing you to worry.

If you are able to, allow additional time to get to work or appointments. An unexpected traffic snarl can make havoc with your stress level, when you know you will be late. If you have allowed extra time, a problem with traffic will not create the anxiety that it would have otherwise.

Moderate your emotions. How you feel can frequently cause anxiety. After you have the discipline to control your emotions, you are able to rid yourself of anxiety. You might want to learn to emotionally detach yourself from feelings to achieve control of your emotions and eliminate anxiety for good.

Always try to focus on the positive stuff that are happening in your lifetime, no matter how small or big it may be. Positive thoughts drown out the negative ones and the more positive thoughts you've, the smaller the problems in your life, will seem to you.

After reading this short article, you are now conscious that there is plenty that you can do to relieve and reduce your anxiety symptoms. Remember to take things slowly, choosing just a few of the helpful tips to begin with. In no time, you will start noticing a complete difference inside your day-to-day levels of anxiety.

Hopefully this article leaves you learning more about anxiety than before you decide to read it and has provided you with some helpful ideas you should use against it. Anxiety can really tie you up and you from reaching for your dreams. Take comfort in the proven fact that you are not alone with this particular condition which there is help out there.

May 05 2015


Recent Talking Points In London

The former England captain, 52, told BBC Sport he had been sent a "skeleton job description" of the role. Surrey director of cricket Stewart added: "It would be rude and wrong not to listen. "Then you just sit back and see if you are the right person for the job and whether the ECB thinks you are." The ECB created the new role leading the England team as part of a restructure which followed the departure in April of managing director Paul Downton. Stewart's fellow former England captains Michael Vaughan and Andrew Strauss have also expressed an interest in the position. Asked whether the job is appealing, Stewart said: "Potentially, if everything is flexible. But I am not going to sit here and say I want the job; I am going to do the job." Stewart, who played a record 133 Tests for England, said the ECB "needs to decide what the job is going to look like". He added: "They should then go to the person and say: 'We believe you are the right person for the job. Do you want it?'" Job descriptions have been sent by the ECB to a number of candidates, with an appointment expected to be made by the end of the summer. Also related to this story

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And cars are not designed for life. Car dependency, Gertten says, is a disease for society. If youre dependent on having a car every day, you have lost your freedom. Its very sad. Most people are unhappy in traffic. The people who bike their cities, they become city-lovers. When youre in a car, you dont see the city, you are only watching the road. On a bike, you can see the sky, you can see the trees. People get to know their countries in a different way. The way he describes it, which comes across even more intensely in the film, is not so much a clash between bikes and cars as a battle of love and hate.

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April 29 2015


Some Simple Tips On Rudimentary Lancashire Systems

His career-best lifted the Bears to 435 despite Tim Bresnan bagging his first five-wicket haul in three years. Bresnan's 5-85 and James Middlebrook's 3-96 kept Yorkshire in the match, but spinner Jeetan Patel then removed openers Alex Lees and Will Rhodes. Yorkshire dipped to 88-3 before partially recovering to 128-3 at stumps The duel between last season's champions and runners-up is going the way of the latter so far with only Westwood, whose 196 came from 377 balls, with 25 fours, having passed 50. The left-hander's marathon effort finally ended when he fell lbw to off-spinner Middlebrook to provide the 37-year-old with his first wicket since rejoining Yorkshire as emergency spin-bowling cover - and his 50th in first-class cricket for his native county. Badly depleted by England calls and injuries, Yorkshire went into bat requiring 286 to avoid the follow on and reached 41 without loss before Patel trapped Alex Lees lbw for 19 in the last over before tea. Warwickshire then struck twice in seven balls as Will Rhodes (46) chipped Patel to mid-on. Boyd Rankin took the catch and then added a wicket with his second ball, but it was a controversial one as Cheteshwar Pujara was adjudged caught by wicketkeeper Peter McKay who failed to take the ball cleanly, before scooping it up at the second attempt. After conferring, the umpires sent Pujara on his way to loud boos from a section of the crowd.

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April 14 2015


UK inflation holds at record low of 0.0%

Disposable incomes have been boosted by inflation staying at 0.0% Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA

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Britain's inflation rate has held at its record low of zero, giving disposable incomes a boost and leaving the country on the brink of a period of falling prices.

The Office for National Statistics said inflation, as measured by the consumer price index, held at zero in March, unchanged from February, which was the lowest since comparable records began in 1989. Estimates from the ONS suggest it was the lowest reading since 1960.

Statisticians said that if the change in March was calculated to two decimal places, then prices were 0.01% lower than a year before. This would be the first fall on record in consumer price inflation.

The news was welcomed by the chancellor, George Osborne, as the Conservatives seek to flag up their economic record and play down Labour talk of a "cost of living crisis". But critics of the coalition's economic policy were quick to argue low inflation was a sign of weakness.

Inflation holds at record low

The ONS said inflation on the CPI stayed at zero in March The ONS said inflation on the CPI stayed at zero in March Photograph: ONS

Economists had forecast that the offsetting effects of rebounding petrol prices and a price cut by British Gas would keep inflation at zero in March. But predictions in the poll by Reuters ranged from negative inflation of 0.2% to inflation of 0.1%.

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The ONS said the biggest downward effect on the cost of living in March came from falls in clothing and gas prices. These were offset by a rise in fuel prices, as average petrol prices rose by 3.8p in March and diesel by a similar amount against the backdrop of rebounding crude oil prices.

Clothing and gas bill cuts keep inflation low

Effects on inflation in March Contributions to the change in the CPI 12-month rate in March 2015. Photograph: ONS

The official figures showed core inflation, which excludes volatile items such as food and fuels, was the lowest since July 2006, falling to 1% in March from 1.2% in February. That came on the back of rare March discounting in the clothing sector. The ONS said it was the first time that clothing and footwear prices had fallen between February and March since the consumer price index was introduced.

Economists say the UK is still likely to enter a period of falling prices soon - following in the footsteps of other countries. Eurozone inflation has been negative since December, and the US rate turned negative in January before recovering to zero in February.

Vicky Redwood, chief UK economist at Capital Economics, commented:

The UK just avoided deflation in March, but inflation could yet dip into negative territory at some point in the coming months ...

The indirect impact of lower energy prices will take a while to come through and so the core rate could drop further in the coming months, tipping the headline rate below zero. Even if the UK does narrowly avoid deflation, inflation is still likely to hover close to zero for most of 2015."

Bank of England policymakers and City analysts say a bout of negative inflation should not be cause for alarm. They predict it will prove temporary, unlike the deflationary spiral in Japan, where people have lived with falling prices for two decades.

The Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, has sought to allay fears that Britain faces a 1930s-style deflationary spiral, describing the falling oil price as "unambiguously good" for the economy.

Low, or non-existent, inflation means there is no need to raise interest rates any time soon. The City expects the first rate rise, from the current record low of 0.5%, to come late next year.

The British Chambers of Commerce said low inflation would support the recovery but to sustain business confidence the Bank of England should commit to keeping interest rates on hold until at least early 2016.

David Kern, chief economist at the business lobby group, commented:

Continued low inflation is good news for the economy, particularly at a time when wage increases are modest and businesses are facing challenges ... If deflation is to emerge it should be short-term because of the strength of the UK's largest sector, the service sector, where inflation remains above 2%."

But the trade unions group TUC viewed the latest figures as evidence of a shaky economic recovery.

The TUC general secretary, Frances O'Grady, said:

Zero inflation is a mark of the weak condition the economy has been left in by a failed economic plan. Stagnating prices are not a sound foundation for the strong and sustained pay rises that workers have been waiting years for."

There was little evidence of any inflationary pressure in the pipeline in separate ONS figures on prices paid and charged by manufacturers. Factory gate inflation was negative, with prices charged for goods down 1.7% on a year ago, unchanged from the pace of deflation seen in February. Input prices were down sharply on a year ago, falling 13%, a slightly softer pace of deflation than the 13.5% drop in February.

Factory gate prices fall again

Factory gate prices falling The ONS said the price of goods bought and sold by UK manufacturers, as estimated by the producer price index, continued to fall in the year to March 2015. Photograph: ONS


Final Steps in Nutreco Take-over Go Ahead

NETHERLANDS - SHV Investments, an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of SHV Holdings N.V. has started the final step in acquiring all issued and outstanding ordinary shares in animal feed and poultry company Nutreco.

After completion of its public offer for the Shares and subsequent purchases, the SHV held 66,248,961 shares, on 9 April, representing approximately 98.68 per cent of Nutreco.

A well cooked, juicy steak complete with some little mushrooms together with a few chips, a jacket potato or a green salad is the food of the Gods!. With supermarkets replacing traditional butchers shops, our choice of cuts of beef and other meats has become increasingly restricted. Luckily online butchers are filling the gaps left by the original shops and they are even competitive against supermarket prices. The following link will bring good news to all steak lovers Buy Braising Steak Online

In the statutory procedures that have now started SHV is seeking to acquire the remaining 889,470 shares through a writ of summons and is requesting the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal to set the squeeze-out price at EUR45.25 per Share, equal to the public offer.

SHV said it had always intended ultimately to acquire 100 per cent of the shares.

As Nutreco and SHV announced in March, the delisting of Nutreco will take place on 17 April and the last day that the shares can be traded on Euronext will be 16 April.

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Are your treats shrinking? Cadbury's cuts number of Fingers in pack

Cadbury's provoked outrage earlier this year when its multi-packs of six Creme Eggs were replaced with boxes of five.

Trend: boxes of Creme Eggs have also become smaller (PIC: ALAMY)

A juicy, well cooked steak accompanied by some button mushrooms and a few chips, a jacket potato or a green salad is the food of the Gods!. With traditional butchers shops disappearing from the high street to be replaced by a supermarket, the choice of cuts of beef and other meats is severely restricted. Thankfully online butchers shop are filling in those gaps and the latest ones are competitive against supermarket prices. The following link will be of interest to all steak lovers Buy Braising Steak Online

Although labelled as a Cadbury product, Fingers are made under license by a Saint Albans-based company, Burton's Biscuit Company. Over a billion of the biscuits, which were launched in 1951, are consumed in the UK every year.

In a statement, Burton's said that the new, smaller packs were rolled out last year "responding to consumer demand", along with a larger, 171g "sharing pack". The company said that the recommended price of the packs had been reduced from £1.99 to £1.79 - though it remains up to supermarkets if they adopt new pricing.

"We firmly believe that the variety of pack sizes for different occasions offer consumers the best value for money for a great quality product. Whilst we can't comment on retailer pricing, our data shows that the price has significantly fallen since the introduction of the new sizes," a spokesman said.

o Is this the best hot chocolate in the world?

In 2012, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) revealed that British chocolate bars had been reduced by around 10 per cent in just one year while prices remained the same, leading the ONS to warn that customers were facing inflation "by the back door".

Although rising costs are commonly cited as the reason for such reductions, some confectionery companies also claim to be trying to fight obesity. Last year, chocolate giant Mars shrunk its Mars and Snickers bars as part of pledge to cut to cut the calorie content of its single-serve products to a maximum of 250 calories.


Birds Eye Beef Burgers

This is one of the biggest reductions in the past few years: Birds Eye beef burgers were once 16 to a pack, now they now number 12. This 25 per cent shrink was accompanied by an increase in price from £3.98 to £4.29 in Asda, Morrisons and Tesco.


In 2012, Mars, Inc. (who make Twix) announced a 250 calorie cap on all single-serve confectionary by the end of 2013. The result is that many of their products have now been downsized to meet these requirements. Twix have been cut down from 58g to 50g, marking a 14 per cent reduction.


Another of Mars, Inc's products, Snickers bars were cut down by 17 per cent, from 58g to 48g. Prices remained the same at roughly 51p, until they were raised to roughly 60p (except for Asda, who sell them for 45p).

Mars bars

Mars, Inc.'s third largest prolific cut is of the Mars bar, which has gone from 58g to 51g, a reduction of 12 per cent. Of course, the prices of neither Twix nor Mars bars have been lowered.

Dairy Milk

When Mondel?z restyled Cadbury Dairy Milk, getting rid of the old, block-like design and making it curvy, they thereby reduced the weight of each bar from 49g to 45g. A comparatively paltry reduction at just eight per cent, but worth a mention for the "smoke and mirrors" technique.

Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts

Bags of these used to be 215g and cost £1.70 in Asda and £1.48 in Sainsbury's and Morrisons. The new, abridged bag of allsorts now weighs 12 per cent less at 190g. Only Asda have reduced the price.

Walkers cheese onion crisps

Since being reduced by six per cent from 34.5g to 32.5g, bags of Walkers crisps from Sainsbury's cost 55p each. That's 6p more than they used to, prior to the reduction.

And it's not just food that's growing smaller, household goods are diminishing, too...

Dettol anti-bacterial wipes

Once upon a time, you could buy a pack of 40 anti-bac wipes for £2 in Asda and £1.80 in Ocado. Now you can get a pack of 36 wipes for £2 in both.

Finish dishwasher tablets

Ocado used to sell packs of 28 dishwasher tablets for £7.65. Now they sell packs of 26 for £10.

Pledge furniture polish

Previously £1.30 was the lowest price for 300ml of multi-surface polish offered by a major retailer. Now, the same amount will get you 250ml.


How Charlie Bigham convinced you to spend an extra £5 on lasagne

A juicy, well cooked steak accompanied by some little mushrooms and a few chips, a jacket potato or a green salad is the perfect meal. With supermarkets replacing traditional butchers shops, our choice of cuts of beef and other meats is severely restricted. Thankfully online butchers are filling the gaps left by the original shops and the latest ones are competitive against supermarket prices. The following link will be of interest to all beef lovers Online Butcher

The Charlie Bigham fish pie is one of the company's bestselling meals

The UK still lags behind almost every other country in Europe when it comes to food spend. Just 8.9pc of our household income goes on food, according to USDA economic research. This compares with 11.4pc in Germany and 13.4pc in France.

Bigham sees this as an opportunity, rather than a challenge. "I hope that this will change," he says. "We're lucky enough to eat for pleasure in this country and people are becoming more sophisticated in their buying habits."

The horse meat scandal two years ago, when ready meals were found to contain mystery meats not stated on the label, has helped Charlie Bigham's, he said. Sales spiked in 2014, rising 57pc year-on-year. "It made people think about the true price of cheap food," says Bigham. "We're now the fastest growing ready meal brand in the UK."

About 450 fresh ingredients are delivered daily to the headquarters in London's Park Royal. The company still runs a kitchen, not a factory. "It's a scaled-up version of your kitchen at home, with catering rather than industrial equipment," Bigham says.

The meals are made in small batches, and when big orders arrive, the team often cooks long into the night. "We'd rather make something five or six times than try and cut corners because then the quality becomes eroded," he says.

The meals are sold through Waitrose -- which has been stocking Charlie Bigham's since the firm's inception 19 years ago -- Sainsbury's, Booths and online grocer Ocado.

Charlie Bigham set up his eponymous food brand when he was 28

Bigham has successfully grown his business during a time when the supermarkets have been under mounting pressure. "It's a tough environment," admits Bigham. But when asked if his margins have been squeezed as a result of the supermarket wars, he says: "Absolutely not".

"We stuck to the guns with the supermarkets. If someone asks you to do something unreasonable and unsustainable, you have to walk away."

The company will turn over £40m this financial year. A problem with building a business that makes fresh, preservative-free food, is that it limits your export sales. Currently, the firm is focusing on growth in the UK. "We represent a tiny percentage of the £1.7bn ready-meals market in the UK, which means there's a great opportunity," he says.

Existing recipes are constantly refined, says Bigham, as tastes have changed over the past two decades. "You mustn't kid yourself that your food is perfect in this business. There's always a way to make something better."

This entrepreneur isn't a chef by trade -- he's a former management consultant -- but he still has the final say on recipes and products. "I know what I like and that seems to be what other people enjoy too," says Bigham, who insured his taste buds for £12m in 2013. "If something's not right, it's not just my neck on the line, it's my family name."


Top 10 museum cafes and restaurants in Paris

Lunch with a view ... Café Jacquemart-André at Musée Jacquemart-André Photograph: PR

The Louvre has 15 eateries. You can have a cocktail on the roof of the Centre Pompidou. And well-known chefs are getting in on the act too, with Michelin-starred Jean-Louis Nomicos opening a restaurant in the city's latest cultural hotspot, Fondation Louis Vuitton, while one of the greatest French chefs, Guy Savoy, will be opening a restaurant soon at Monnaie de Paris. But it isn't all haute-gastronomie: the standard of cuisine in Parisian museum cafes and restaurants is being upped across the board, and food lovers realise you don't have to pay the entrance fee to sit down for a great meal in often stunning surroundings. Here are 10 of the best offbeat, affordable museum dining experiences.

Musée Jacquemart-André

Café Jacquemart-André

Café Jacquemart-André, Musée Jacquemart-André

A juicy, well cooked steak complete with some little mushrooms together with a jacket potato, a few chips or a green salad must surely be the food of the Gods!. With supermarkets replacing traditional butchers shops, our choice of cuts of beef and other meats is severely restricted. Luckily online butchers are filling in those gaps and the latest ones are competitive against supermarket prices. The following link will be of interest to all beef lovers Online Butchers

This private museum may not attract the crowds of big players such as the Musée d'Orsay and the Louvre but the opulent 19th-century palace that houses the permanent collection of the Jacquemart-André family is worth the visit alone. While temporary exhibitions, such as the upcoming Giotto to Caravaggio, are usually high-quality, its sumptuous cafe is also not to be missed. It is in a majestic salon, the walls of which are decorated with flamboyant 18th-century Flemish tapestries with a Tiepolo fresco adorning the ceiling, while the terrace overlooks a landscaped garden. There is a big choice of salads at lunch and brunch is served at the weekend, but the best plan is to enjoy afternoon tea - with a dozen different brews to choose from, accompanied by freshly-baked pastries.

o Afternoon tea EUR11.50. 158 Boulevard Haussmann, +33 1 45 62 11 59, musee-jacquemart-andre.com. Museum open daily 10am-6pm, till 8.30pm on Mon and Sat during exhibitions

Le Jardin des Plantes

La Baleine

Jardin des Plantes

Photograph: John Brunton

Paris's botanical garden is one of the best places to spend a hot city day; it's great for the family, with a fun restaurant - but also the possibility to just picnic under a shady tree. That'll be in between visiting the magnificent art deco greenhouses, the dinosaur skeletons of the Grande Galerie de l'Évolution or the small zoo that dates back to the days of Louis XIV. If you don't want to buy provisions for your own picnic, there are four kiosks around the gardens selling sandwiches and soups. The casual restaurant, La Baleine, specialises in brasserie-style dishes: steak tartare and pommes frites, grilled crottin de Chavignol (goats cheese on a spinach salad), and a classic creme brulee.

o Plat du jour EUR16. 47 Rue Cuvier, +33 1 40 79 80 72, restaurant-la-baleine.com. Open daily for lunch midday-3.30pm, call to make reservations for dinner

L'Institut du Monde Arabe

Café Littéraire, Self, Le Zyriab

Institut du Monde Arabe

Le Zyriab, on the roof at L'Institut du Monde Arabe. Photograph: John Brunton

Jean Nouvel's stunning building for the Arab World Institute already stands out on the Paris skyline, and now boasts what may be the city's biggest Nous Sommes Tous Charlie sign. This vast cultural centre is a venue not just for ground-breaking exhibitions, but for film screenings, dance and music performances. There are also three very different eateries, all run by the renowned Lebanese restaurateurs, Noura. On the ground floor, the casual Café Littéraire is the place to indulge in a glass of mint tea and irresistible oriental pastries. Up on the 9th floor, stop off for a quick, inexpensive lunch of mezze at the self-service Self, or splash out and book a romantic table for a tagine or couscous at Le Zyriab, where the rooftop terrace has views over Notre Dame and the river Seine.

o Le Zyriab, two-course set lunch EUR39, +33 01 55 42 55 42, open daily midday-3pm, 7.30pm-midnight. Self, two mezze EUR4.90, open Tues-Sun 11am-3.30pm. Café Littéraire open Tues-Sun 10am-7.30pm. 1 Rue des Fossés-Saint-Bernard, imarabe.org

Le Bal

Le Bal Café

Le Bal

Photograph: Patrice Hauser/Hemis/Alamy

In the newly hip neighbourhood north of the Place de Clichy, Le Bal is a contemporary photography and visual arts centre curated by Diane Dufour, a former director of Magnum. The Bal Café is run by two lively English chefs, Alice Quillet and Anna Trattles. Their creative cuisine has seduced local Parisians and the place is packed out every lunchtime for dishes such as smoked haddock and cabbage chowder, pork brawn and prune pâté, and lamb chops with broad beans and crunchy puntarella (chicory). Open till 11pm, they serve afternoon tea and tapas in the evening.

o Starter and main dish EUR20. 6 Impasse de la Défense, +33 1 44 70 75 51, le-bal.fr. Open Wed-Fri midday-11pm, Sat 11am-11pm, Sun 11am-7pm

Le Petit Palais

Le Jardin du Petit Palais

Le Petit Palais

Photograph: Directphoto Collection/Alamy

The Petit Palais is across the road from its monumentally big brother, Le Grand Palai - both were built in 1900 for France's Exposition Universelle. Today, the Grand Palais hosts major exhibitions, with long queues invariably snaking out of its entrance, while the Petit Palais is the discreet home of the more low-profile Paris Fine Arts Museum. But the biggest surprise awaiting visitors is the enchanting restaurant, Le Jardin du Petit Palais. Right in the middle of the museum is a magical interior garden of lush, exotic vegetation, encircled by colonnades decorated with vibrant frescoes and art-nouveau mosaics. While the restaurant stretches over a bright, modern two-floor dining room, the place to be is sitting beneath the vaulted portico at one of the tables set between each of the marble columns, looking out over the garden and the palace's ornate dome. The cuisine is simple, cafeteria-style, with a pasta and soup of the day, salads and sandwiches. Great in the afternoon for Le Tea Time: Lenôtre macarons, tea by Mariage Frères.

o Seafood risotto EUR9. Avenue Winston Churchill, petitpalais.paris.fr. Open Tues-Sun 10am-5.15pm

Musée Rodin

Le Café du Musée Rodin

Le Café du Musée Rodin

The Musée Rodin has long been one of the small jewels of Paris's museums - where you are rarely disturbed by crowds. The three hectares of ornamental gardens attract visitors as much as the 300 works by the great sculptor exhibited in the museum's Hotel Biron, an imposing 17th-century mansion. Inside the garden, not far from Rodin's iconic Penseur (The Thinker), the cafe has a minimalist interior salon; it's open year round but the place really comes to life once the weather is nice enough to sit outside. Expect no-frills self-service, with a large selection of salads, all freshly prepared, lots of tempting cakes, and a hearty dish of the day such as barbecue spare ribs. Unlike most museums you have to buy a EUR2 entry ticket for the gardens.

o Salad, dessert and soft drink EUR18.50. 79 Rue de Varenne, +33 1 45 55 84 39,musee-rodin.fr. Open Tues-Sun 10am-5pm

Palais de Tokyo

Monsieur Bleu, Le Smack, Tokyo Eat

Monsieur Blue

Monsieur Bleu

The Palais de Tokyo, which overlooks the Seine and is opposite the Eiffel Tower, has two immense wings - both dedicated to contemporary art. The part housing the Musée d'Art Moderne only offers a basic cafeteria (though the outdoor terrace does have stunning views of the Eiffel Tower) but the adjoining Palais de Tokyo, which hosts avant-garde exhibitions, has the more interesting eateries. The gourmet Monsieur Bleu only opened last year and is already a favourite power-lunch venue for art world movers and shakers, but the prices are not cheap (à la carte from EUR30pp). Inside there is the health food self-service Le Smack, where soups and salads cost EUR4-EUR6, while the funky Tokyo Eat (plat du jour EUR13) is a striking industrial-style diner with psychedelic orange lamps, bar, and open kitchen. The eclectic cuisine ranges from confit duck shepherd's pie to salmon with a curried sauce of red peppers and passion fruit.

o 13 Avenue du Président Wilson, palaisdetokyo.com. Monsieur Blue open daily midday-2am; Tokyo Eat open daily midday-midnight; Le Smack open midday-midnight

Le Musée de la Vie Romantique

Cafe Vie Romantique

Cafe Vie Romantique

This is one of the most discrete but enchanting Parisian museums, an early 19th-century mansion tucked away down a narrow cul-de-sac in the backstreets of Pigalle. Once owned by the painter Ary Scheffer, part of this literary museum is devoted to the life of George Sand, who was a regular visitor here, along with the likes of Chopin, Delacroix, Liszt and Charles Dickens. There is a small glass conservatory and garden where a cafe opens from March to October. Run by the famous Parisian salon de thé, Angelina, this has a small selection of fresh salads, but is best for a pot of apple tea or its famous Angelina Chocolat Chaud.

o Salad EUR8.50. 16 Rue Chaptal, cafe-vie-romantique.com. Open Tues-Sun 10am-6pm

Musée du Quai Branly

Café Branly, Les Ombres

Les Ombres, paris

Les Ombres. Photograph: Pablo Valentini/Alamy

The Quai Branly's amazing collection of art from Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas is rivalled by the audacity of the architecture of the building itself - designed, like L'Institut du Monde Arabe, by Jean Nouvel. What dominates here is not the museum building itself but the green wall of living vegetation that cover's its facade and the sprawling, wild gardens that are the opposite of a formal French garden. The ground floor Café Branly looks out over the gardens, and is perfect for a simple lunch before embarking on a visit to this vast museum. There is also a smart but pricey gastronomic restaurant on the top floor, Les Ombres, terrace of which is opposite the Eiffel Tower.

o 37 Quai Branly. Café Branly, plat du jour EUR17, +33 01 47 53 68 01, quaibranly.fr, open Tues, Wed, Sun 9.30am-6pm, Thurs, Fri, Sat 9.30am-8pm. Les Ombres, two-course set lunch EUR32, +33 01 47 53 68 00, lesombres-restaurant.com, open daily midday-2.15pm and 7pm-10.30pm

La Cinémathèque Française

Les 400 Coups

Les 400 Coups

The French film museum is in a stunning Frank Gehry-designed building, in the verdant Parc de Bercy. This part of Paris has come to life again since Bercy's historic wine warehouses were saved from demolition and converted into boutiques, bars and restaurants - and the Cinémathèque is the cultural heart, with its permanent collection, film festivals and exhibitions. At Les 400 Coups restaurant, which opened in October 2014, Séverine Haiat and Elizabeth Conter home-cook all the dishes and use seasonal and locally-produced ingredients. The menu changes daily and includes many vegetarian dishes, like pumpkin, celery and ricotta soup. They buy their wines direct from organic producers, and stock a great malt craft beer, Monk, brewed in nearby Montreuil.

o Plat du jour EUR10. 51 Rue de Bercy, +33 1 43 44 18 72, les400coupsalacinematheque.fr. Open Sun-Mon 11am-7pm and Wed-Sat 11am-10pm


March 15 2015


The foodie traveller ... on the bunny chow trail in Durban, South Africa

Using your loaf ... bunny chow. Photograph: GO!/Sam Reinders/Getty Images

Bunny chow was created in 1940s Durban, South Africa, as a way for immigrant Indian plantation workers (who were often banned from certain cafes during the apartheid era) to carry their food to the fields. It's typically a mutton or bean curry crammed into a hollowed-out white loaf. You break off bits of crust and eat them dipped in the spicy stew. The name is said to come from the city's banyan trees: the snacks were originally sold by vendors sitting in the shade underneath them.

Today, bunny chow is enjoyed all over South Africa by diners looking for a filling, spicy dish that's perfect with a couple of cold beers.

The best place to try it is in its home city of Durban. I got my first true bunny experience at A Taste of India on Wilson Wharf by the Durban Waterfront, which is reasonably tidy and smart. I was amazed at how many people were eating bunnies at 11am!

The bunnies from the hole-in-the-wall place on the side of the Hollywood Bets casino, on Linze Road out in Durban's industrial suburbs, have real heat and are very tasty. During lunchtime, it gets packed with people driving in and out.

A juicy, well cooked steak accompanied by some little mushrooms together with a jacket potato, a few chips or a green salad is the perfect meal. With traditional butchers shops disappearing from the high street to be replaced by a supermarket, the choice of cuts of beef and other meats is severely restricted. Thankfully online butchers are filling in those gaps and the latest ones are competing with the supermarkets over price. The following link will bring good news to all meat lovers Rib of Beef

Capsicum, part of the Britannia Hotel, while not my favourite and in a less-than-ideal location under a flyover in the Morningside suburb, has a glowing reputation among locals.

But Johnny's (89 Sparks Road), also known as the Sunrise Chip n Ranch, is by far the best and again in a suburban setting. People seem to drive from all over for its amazing curry. Choose from mixed veg, broad beans, sugar beans or dhal bunny chows; you could have a chip-and-cheese roti on the side!

Atholl Milton is owner of Bunnychow, 74 Wardour Street, Soho, London


March 14 2015


Barbers outpace food apprentices

According to the latest government statistics, food and drink apprenticeships declined by 20% from 3,760 in 2012/13 to 3,010 in 13/14. Meanwhile, the number of apprentice barbers stands at 2,840 in 2013/14.

A well cooked, juicy steak accompanied by some button mushrooms together with a jacket potato, a few chips or a green salad is the food of the Gods!. With supermarkets replacing traditional butchers shops, our choice of cuts of beef and other meats is severely restricted. Luckily online butchers are filling the gaps left by the original shops and the latest ones are competing with the supermarkets over price. The following link will be of interest to all steak lovers Buy Fillet Steak

Bill Jermey, chief executive of the Food and Drink Training Council, said the figures were disappointing and showed a lack of engagement. "The fact there are almost as many barbers in apprenticeships than the entire food industry doesn't say much. And according to the latest statistics, food manufacturing apprenticeships are declining.

"Currently, the government and all political parties are seeing apprenticeships as the way forward. Government accepts that they didn't get it right, but we're now in the process of getting the Butchery Trailblazer Apprenticeship scheme, drawn up by employers with the standard on just two sides, which should be much more attractive to employers and potential apprentices. There are currently about 500 butchery apprentices and we want that to expand greatly. We're doing our bit in the meat trade to put right what went wrong in the past. The implementation of apprenticeship policy in the food industry in the past 10 years just hasn't delivered."

Jermey said the previous framework was too complicated, with forms running to more than 250 pages of A4. The new Trailblazer scheme simplifies that and reduces the requirements down to two sides of A4, making it less of a daunting prospect to sign up to. He added that the scheme could also be applied across the board, from retail, through to manufacturing and catering.

Ultimately, an uptake in apprenticeships within the meat industry would benefit the entire trade, he said: "We want more to engage with the Trailblazer scheme, it's a great opportunity to engage more young people and attract them into our industry."




Steak pie finalists selected

A well cooked, juicy steak complete with some little mushrooms and a few chips, a jacket potato or a green salad is the perfect meal. With supermarkets replacing traditional butchers shops, the choice of cuts of beef and other meats has become increasingly restricted. Thankfully online butchers shop are filling in those gaps and they are even competing with the supermarkets over price. The following link will be of interest to all steak lovers Online Butcher

Run by levy body Eblex, the competition was launched in 2011 and takes place on alternate years with England's Best Burger Challenge.

Six finalists have been selected in what is the third year for the contest, with half in the retail category, and half in foodservice. In the former are: Drewtons in Yorkshire, with its Steak and Caramelised Onion Pie, M Newitt Sons in Oxfordshire, with a Traditional Steak Pie, and Measures Butchers from Cambridgeshire, with its Beef Bombardier pie.

In the foodservice category are: Dunkleys in Northamptonshire, with its Beef and Merlot Pie, Owen Taylor Sons in Derbyshire, with a 12-inch Steak Stilton Pie, and Proper Pies in Worcestershire, with its Stout and Black Treacle Marinated Beef Brisket Guinness Cottage Pie.

Eblex explained that, this year, England's Best Steak pie joins two new competitions - England's Best Sirloin Steak and England's Best Innovative Steak - to make up the newly launched Quality Standard Mark Excellence Awards 2015.

Foodservice project manager at Eblex, Hugh Judd, said: "We received a fantastic variety of quality steak pie entries this year and the judges had a tough job to whittle them down to the final few. In the end, 14 entries achieved Gold Awards and the highest scoring of those were chosen as the finalists. All six are thoroughly deserving of a place in the final."

The category winners and overall winner in all three Quality Standard Mark Excellence Awards competitions will be announced at a ceremony at the Underglobe in London on 22 April 2015.


March 02 2015


Starting a business? Don't give up the day job

There are positives and negatives to starting a business while keeping the day job, of course. Most obviously, there will still be money coming in to pay the mortgage, the bills, and allow you at least a little well-earned treat occasionally. I have lost count of the fledgling businesses I've seen stumble because the founder starts to feel hard-done-by and demoralised - not only putting in long hours necessary to build their company/brand, but because they're fundamentally, personally, too broke to buy themselves a decent cappuccino.

I recently met an entrepreneur who's two years in to what is on the surface a hugely successful, fast-growing brand who admitted he hasn't taken a penny out of his company yet. And trust me, that's not uncommon. Many entrepreneurs never see a penny - not a penny - till they 'exit'.

The hours will be exhausting

Bottom line: if you're going into business with a partner/s, unless you've had an incredibly successful crowdfunding round/won the lottery/received a nice legacy, it can be common sense for at least one of you to maintain full-time employment. And there's an advantage for bosses, too: as Enterprise Nation's Emma Jones comments: "Employers benefit as the employee is picking up entrepreneurial skills that the boss doesn't have to pay for."

The downside? The hours. It's not family-friendly, for sure. Those hours have to be carved out of something - and it's generally your leisure time. Acknowledges John Allan, head of the Federation of Small Businesses: "Running a business while holding down a full-time job can be incredibly rewarding - but it is tough. It means spending evenings, weekends and holiday time developing your business."

Trust your instincts

But I know plenty of women who've done just that, sitting down with spreadsheets after the kids have gone to bed, writing marketing plans on Saturday mornings while they're at football practice or sleepovers. Realistically, the business may not have the traction of an enterprise where the owners are working full-time - but for the more risk-averse, it's highly practical - not to mention doable: I think we're incredibly fortunate, frankly, to live at a time when this is so easy - thanks to technology, and the growing acceptance that many teams don't have to be based in any specific geographical location, but can operate perfectly well 'virtually'.

Your gut - and a healthy bottom line - will generally tell you when the time has finally come to take the plunge, hand in your resignation and grab your P45 in order to dedicate yourself to your venture full-time, helping it to flourish and grow to its full potential. But till then? It may be a case of burning the midnight oil, for sure - but when your head does finally hit the pillow, you'll sleep soundly with the knowledge that the rent or the mortgage will get paid and the family fed.

And you can afford to keep buying the decent cup of coffee you're going to need, to keep you powering through.


Sustainability Means Passing on a Legacy


Sustainability Means Passing on a Legacy

27 February 2015

US - Sustainable cattle production means taking care of every drop of water and selecting the right location and grazing for every animal's needs, says a US rancher.

This is how Duane Martin Jnr ensures his operation is as efficient as possible and remains profitable.

He told TheCattleSite that making money is the number one priority as this allows him to have a legacy.

"You can gather up all the toys you want in the world and gather up all the money, but when you're dead and gone none of it matters unless you've passed it on to the next generation," said Mr Martin.

"Sustainability to me means remaining profitable so I can pass on my dream to my future generations, my girls my nephew - whoever wants to carry on the dream of what my father and I have started."

Mr Martin's operation covers the entire beef production chain, including 10,000 cows, a 15,000 head stocker operation and several feedyards throughout the Midwest. His cow herd expands from California, Oregon and Nevada into Wyoming and Colorado.

He sees sustainability as starting from the moment a calf enters the world.

A well cooked, juicy steak complete with some button mushrooms together with a few chips, a jacket potato or a green salad is the food of the Gods!. With supermarkets replacing traditional butchers shops, the choice of cuts of beef and other meats has become increasingly restricted. Thankfully online butchers shop are filling the gaps left by the original shops and they are even competing with the supermarkets over price. The following link will bring good news to all meat lovers Buy Roasting Beef Online

Top image via Shutterstock


February 27 2015


Occupational health profile: Hilary Winch, director of Syngentis and OH head at Norwich University Hospital


Norwich University Hospital. Photo: High Level/Rex.

Hilary Winch gives an overview of her career to date and explains some of the things she has learned from her time in the profession.

Hilary Winch is director of nursing and quality at NHS social enterprise Syngentis, and head of workplace health, safety and wellbeing at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. In this article, she talks about her commitment to quality in OH and reveals how she originally made her start in the profession without any OH qualifications.

How did you get into OH?

Hilary Winch

Hilary Winch

My interest in workplace health and safety commenced at the conclusion of my general nurse training. As part of my final exams, I chose the topic "safety for nurses" as one of my assignments and studied this in the early 90s. However, I was finally drawn to consider OH as a career pathway in the late 90s when I felt I wanted a change in direction, having worked for several years as a qualified nurse in a busy accident and emergency department in Plymouth.

As I flicked through the Nursing Times job adverts, I was drawn to an advert for a local OH adviser in the South West for a manufacturing industry. I had no experience of OH at that time, but felt I had some transferable skills, so I gave it a go. I surprised myself by convincing two interview panels that I should be the person they should choose, and so commenced my OH career working for Bupa occupational health in 1998, based full time on a contractor's site.

Who were your influences?

At the start of my OH career, I was very much influenced by my manager at Bupa, Christine Barnett, as well as the mentor that I was allocated for my onsite work, Ellen Newnes. Both these individuals supported and guided me in a completely new environment and encouraged me to progress my learning. I also gained an enormous amount of knowledge from our visiting OH physician at the time, Dr John Challenor. I would suggest he was probably influential in guiding the "quality pathway" that my career has since taken - he was always very precise with documentation and processes.

Shortly after I joined Bupa OH, I also came into contact with an OH nurse named Cynthia Atwell, OBE. She influenced me both in training and in the drive and passion for quality OH services to be delivered and demonstrated. This was a lady who I aspired to be like both in clinical knowledge and in passion for quality OH.

What other influences have been important?

My parents are one of the key influences in my life. I was brought up by my father to "be the best that you can be". That did not always mean that I had to get the highest grades (but as a headteacher he was always pleased when I did), but more importantly, to always give my best in any circumstance. This applied whether I was at school, work or within social groups. I am conscious that this approach has rubbed off on me and feel this is certainly one reason why I have achieved what I have and always strive to deliver a high-quality service to people that I come into contact with.

I am also incredibly grateful to those who, over the years, have seen potential and invested in me, allowing me to develop with various different opportunities. This really began with Bupa OH, which originally took a risk in appointing me as a non-qualified OH adviser, and has continued in recent years, through the significant support of my own employing organisation, and the former NHS Plus OH network. I was fortunate to gain a place on their strategic development programme and this opportunity, I am sure, led to my first secondments at the East of England Quality Strategy facilitators and my appointment as the director of nursing for Syngentis, as well as head of workplace health and wellbeing at the Norfolk Norwich University NHS Foundation Trust.

What are your priorities and goals in your current role?

I am fortunate to have two different roles and each has different priorities and goals. As far as my role within Syngentis is concerned, my main priority and goal is related to the MoHaWK [Management of Health at Work Knowledge] benchmarking tool. As a manager using this tool before I was involved in the project, I found it extremely beneficial to assist our local audit programme and could see real benefits of demonstrating a quality service, as well as highlighting evidence-based areas where improvement was required for my team.

My goal is to influence others and raise the profile of this system so that it becomes recognised within the OH world as a valuable tool for measuring the quality of OH services delivered. This can be achieved by measuring data and taking appropriate actions allowing services to visualise improvements in the quality being delivered. Alongside this key aim, I hope to continually portray through my role the importance of improving quality, working with evidence-based and best-practice guidance. That way, OH services can truly demonstrate themselves as a clinical speciality.

In my head of service role, my key priorities and goals are no doubt similar to other NHS OH managers - to provide a cost-effective OH service, while supporting staff in improving and maintaining their health and wellbeing to keep them fit and healthy so that high-quality patient care can be provided. This is, of course, a constant challenge with the ever-increasing patient numbers that are coming through our doors.

What motivates you today?

I am the sort of person that is motivated by new challenges and learning. Having recently taken over as head of department in Norwich, I am finding that I am constantly exposed to new experiences and elements of work that keep me motivated. Equally, my role with Syngentis is varied and has led me to a number of new challenges - such as coordinating steering groups, developing audit tools, producing national reports, speaking at national conferences and providing information for journals, such as this one. But every day seems to be a learning opportunity and, as such, sustains my passion for high-quality OH.

What advice would you give to those new to OH or early in their careers?

Go for it! It is a fantastic speciality to work in, with so many varied opportunities. If you really want to follow this pathway, then consider the different ways to get your qualification. We are aware that there is a shortage of quality OH practitioners and we so desperately need more, but, at the same time, practitioners wanting to embark on this pathway for their career can find it difficult to gain access to placements.

Look for positions in organisations that have the ability to give you initial in-house training. This often allows you to gain the basics and experience before going into formal training. This helps with work placements while you are training, too. Link in with organisations such as your local NHS trust to see if there are any potential posts available where you can start on the pathway. They are great learning environments for healthcare sector work and many have external business work too, which can open your perspective to the business models required. Taking a training post or practice nurse post sometimes means a slight drop in salary, but it is well worth it if it is the area that you want to specialise in.

Do not try to go it alone straight away as an independent practitioner. There is too much legislation linked with our roles and it can be very dangerous for you as a professional if you "don't know what you don't know". Once new in post, make sure you link in with both local and national groups including the JISCMail email forum and the relevant OH Facebook groups. Also read the OH journals so that you can gain support and advice from others, as well as information on latest guidance and developments. The OH world is ever changing and these are fantastic resources to make sure you keep up to date and contribute to the delivery of a high-quality OH service.

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